EA Sports FC 24- Standard Edition - PlayStation 5- (English-International)


  • Genre: Sport
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Platform: Sony Playstation 5


Feel closer to the game with three cutting-edge technologies powering unparalleled realism in every match: HyperMotionV, PlayStyles optimised by Opta, and a revolutionized Frostbite Engine. HyperMotionV captures the game as it’s truly played, using volumetric data from 180+ pro men’s and women’s matches to ensure movement in-game accurately reflects real-world action on the pitch. PlayStyles dimensionalize athletes, interpreting data from Opta and other sources into signature abilities which heighten the realism and individuality of each player. The revolutionized Frostbite Engine delivers The World’s Game in lifelike detail, bringing a new level of immersion to each match.

Connection Type Wireless
Colour Name Multicolour
Publisher EA
Regions PEGI (EU)
Type Of Console Software PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Language English
Parental Rating +3
Model Number FC24_PS5
Model Name FC24_PS5
Number Of Players Single Player & Multiplayer

Introducing the 3G-PS5 EA SPORTS FC 24 Gaming Console: Elevate Your Gaming Experience to Pro Levels
The 3G-PS5 EA SPORTS FC 24 is the ultimate gaming console for sports enthusiasts and avid gamers alike. With cutting-edge technology, immersive gameplay, and a collection of EA SPORTS titles, it's your ticket to the world of virtual sports excellence.

1. Pro-Level Performance: The 3G-PS5 boasts powerful hardware that delivers lightning-fast loading times, stunning visuals, and smooth gameplay. Experience sports gaming like never before with ultra-realistic graphics and seamless transitions.

2. Exclusive EA SPORTS Titles: Dive into a world of sports gaming with exclusive EA SPORTS titles pre-loaded on your console. Play FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA LIVE, and more, and become the ultimate sports champion.

3. Immersive DualSense Controller: The included DualSense controller offers immersive haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that bring the thrill of sports to life. Feel every tackle, pass, and slam dunk with precision.

4. 4K Ultra HD and Ray Tracing: Enjoy your favorite sports games in stunning 4K resolution and experience lifelike lighting and reflections with ray tracing technology. Every stadium, player, and match detail is captured in remarkable clarity.

5. Online Multiplayer: Connect with players worldwide and challenge your skills in online multiplayer modes. Compete against friends or test your abilities against the best in the EA SPORTS gaming community.

6. Expandable Storage: With ample storage space and the option to expand your storage capacity, you can keep all your favorite sports titles, downloadable content, and saved games in one place.

7. Streaming and Entertainment: Beyond gaming, the 3G-PS5 offers a wide range of streaming and entertainment options. Access your favorite streaming services and enjoy a complete entertainment experience.

8. Exclusive EA SPORTS Accessories: Enhance your gaming setup with exclusive EA SPORTS accessories, including themed controllers, headsets, and more, for the ultimate immersive experience.

Elevate Your Game:
With the 3G-PS5 EA SPORTS FC 24 Gaming Console, you're not just playing a game; you're living the game. Dive into the world of sports like never before, and experience the excitement, competition, and camaraderie of sports gaming at its finest.
Upgrade your gaming setup today and become the sports legend you were born to be with the 3G-PS5 EA SPORTS FC 24 Gaming Console!


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